Our Product Work

Points North Systems has designed and developed many great software products over the years and have made these products available to our clients and customers. Many of these products are currently in use and remain available for use. Some of these products have even made their way onto Apple's App Store as well as Google Play. Below are a list of a few of these products that are available:

MP Extensions Texting Engine, Button Snippets and more!

MP Extensions is a collection of texting, button snippets and other extended functions for the Ministry Platform system. The following are some of those functions and what they do:
  • Text to Register for an Event (by Event, Program, Group)
  • Text to Check-In to an Event (by Event, Program, Group)
  • Text to Respond to an Opportunity
  • Text to Respond to an Event (as Interested)
  • Text to Inquire on a Group
  • Text to Feedback (Prayer, Praise, etc)
  • Text to Subscribe to Publication
  • Click to Respond to an Opportunity Button Snippet
  • Click to Inquire on a Group Button Snippet
  • Click to Respond for an Event Button Snippet
  • Click to Register for an Event Button Snippet
  • Click to Subscribe to Publication Button Snippet
Ministry Platform is a registered trademark of Think Ministry.

Snap 'n Post Quick Photo taking to MP!

Snap 'n Post is a sweet little utility that allows anyone to snap a photo using their smart phone and upload as the default image to any contact or household in MP. Great for volunteers and staff use. Can also be used securely by the general congregational user.
  • Securely log in using Portal user credentials.
  • Fully HTML5 web based.
  • Quickly take a photo with mobile device camera or access photo from device library.
  • Easy selection of Contact record.
  • One-click posting of photo to MP as default image.
  • Secure via MP Security Roles.
  • Compatible with iOS, Droid, Windows.
Ministry Platform is a registered trademark of Think Ministry.

Planning Center Integration Tool Liberate and Import all your PCO serving history into MP!

The Planning Center Integration Tool is utility that will allow for linking People in Planning Center to Contacts in MP. Additionally, Service Types in Planning Center can be linked to existing Programs in MP. Once People are linked with Contacts and Service Types are linked to Programs, all historical Planning Center Plan data can be quickly imported into MP. No longer will your members serving history be captive in Planning Center!
  • Robust Windows Application interface.
  • Connects via PCO and MP APIs.
  • Link PCO People with MP Contacts.
  • Link PCO Service Types with MP Programs.
  • One-click importing of PCO Plans into MP Events.
  • Import PCO Positions into MP Group Roles.
  • Imported PCO serving history available system-wide in MP.
Ministry Platform is a registered trademark of Think Ministry.

CheckInPad Native iOS check-in for MP!

CheckInPad is a native iOS check-in client that is available as a FREE download from the App Store. CheckInPad is designed to connect to the CheckInPad Web Services for looking up family information for check-in, processing attendance records, and printing name tag labels. CheckInPad was designed for use with Ministry Platform.
  • Native iOS iPad App available on the App Store for FREE.
  • Responsive Web Client available for PC or Mac platforms.
  • Silent Network Printing.
  • Option to "Print To Room" or "Print To Kiosk".
  • Optional name tags (labels) with parent receipt.
  • Works in both on premise as well as hosted environments.
Ministry Platform is a registered trademark of Think Ministry.

SHAPE Giftedness Assessment Online spiritual gifts assessment for your community!

SHAPE is a web based assessment system that allows your congregation to take 5 assessments that help measure that person's God-given gifts and talents. People can quickly self-register and take the 5 in-depth assessments. Results are immediately available to the assessment taker online and as a PDF. Church administrator can log in securely and access existing assessments through administrative tools and quickly determine candidates for serving opportunities as well as preparing for serving classes.
  • Secure self-registration.
  • Spiritual Gifts assessment.
  • Heart/Passions assessment.
  • Abilities/Skills assessment.
  • Personality assessment.
  • Experiences assessment.
  • Instant online results and PDF export.
  • Administrative tools available.
Ministry Platform is a registered trademark of Think Ministry.

Shelby Mobile Native iOS, Droid for connecting to your Shelby v5 Database!

Shelby Mobile is a native iOS and Android app and is available as a FREE download from the App Store or Google Play. Shelby Mobile securely connects back to Shelby Mobile Web Services for securely accessing your Shelby v5 data. Now your legacy Shelby v5 data can be available at the touch of your finger anywhere in the world!
  • Select any individual from your Shelby Systems┬« v5 database for easy viewing.
  • Click on address for immediate location on map for easy navigation and plotting.
  • Click on any phone number or email for automatic calling or emailing from your device.
  • Shows individual's family members, demographics, organizations, profiles, and dates from Shelby.
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices.
Ministry Platform is a registered trademark of Think Ministry.

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